A brief explanation of the HWB universe.

Hello everyone!    First I’ll say welcome to the team and thank you for signing up to be a part of hair without borders.

But what exactly did you sign up for you ask?

You are now a part of a team of stylists around the world that vow to do good through one skill set, hair.

And if you don’t do hair but signed up anyway, that’s cool too, just ignore all the cheesy hair puns. We all have at least one thing in common.

We’re all here for the same reason, to help those in need through the power of hair.  Whether it be educating or delivering a service.

How do we save the world through hair you ask?

However we can I say.

As you know Hair is very flexible and versatile . As are all of the wonderful attributes that come with it.

A good hair service can bring new life to someone who’s self esteem is suffering.

The positive human interaction along with  visually appealing aesthetic is a powerful combination.

So one part of our job is to deliver this to those that are in need of such service.

The other part of our mission is to help others to deliver these services.

With our 501c(3) status we are able to facilitate fundraisers for the individual hairstylist to get support for their individual cause under our umbrella.

We also do all the hard work of organizing for you and the lay person..so that you can do what you do best…hair…

we weren’t made for cutting through red tape…we were made for cutting through hair.  Damn thats good…new insta post..

Once we give you the support you need to achieve your personal goals of giving, the real fun starts.

One of our main focuses is to bring hair education to those that lack the resources and funds to spend on their most important asset..themselves.

We do this by bringing the best and most efficient education we can deliver to each unique situation.

We all know people are very different, and so we must treat them all differently as such.

We find those that are seeking to empower themselves through hair styling services and help them however they need.


Our current projects include a handful of young potential stylists in south east Asia where we have brought education and delivered educational materials as well as delivered (through the generous donations) tools so that these young up and coming stylists may practice their skills while helping their local communities.

We hope to provide for them for a very long time, and to eventually promote them to Hwb ambassadors.

There are many other scenarios that we are helping and we need your help to provide it.

Our plan is to not only work abroad but to focus within our local communities as well.

We have already been involved with a few homeless outreach events and plan on getting involved in many more.

If you signed up as an ambassador, you are accepting a responsibility to help reach out to your local shelters and organizations to help set up events for stylists in your region.

It’s a lot of work, and can lead to a lot of frustration, but that’s part of the job.

And with a legitimate nonprofit organization and team of able bodied stylists behind you, you will succeed.

I’ll wrap it up because I think that’s enough for an introduction.

I’m also losing the battle of consciousness with jet lag.


I’ll leave you with one call to action,

If this all sounds like something you’re into, great, and welcome.

If you haven’t already, add hair without borders on Facebook and Instagram.

Start spreading the word, and start putting out ideas for ways you can get yourself and some fellow stylists involved.

Talk to your friends, your families, and especially your clients.  This is how 2 of the 3 connections and resources were created to enable us to teach with organizations in Asia.

I’ll close with the same thing I tell every student. My promise to you is that I will do whatever I can to make sure you achieve your dreams as a stylist and person.

We’re stronger together than alone.

We will use each other’s strengths to overcome our weaknesses.


If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.  Respond with yes if you would like to be added to the Facebook group forum.


Thank you again.